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Web-set ads
Soluzioni per Webmasters & Bloggers

WEB-SET Ads is the new solution for Webmasters & Bloggers. Our platform uses Machine Learning to show Contextual & Responsive Ads to the Visitors optimizing the Views and CTR to improve the revenue.

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Web-set ads
Soluzioni per Advertisers.

WEB-SET Ads is the new solution for Advertisers. Our platform shows Contextual & Responsive Ads and optimize the distribution of Ads in order to improve the CTR and the Return On Investment

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Web-set ads
WEB-SET Network.

WEB-SET Network is a pool of Portals and Search Engines of WEB-SET.COM. We have a unique solution based on Flat Fee. Our system calculates the best fee and delivers the traffic and help to enforce your Brand.

WEB-SET Network

What makes us different?

We can make a quick inclusion to our search engines

Our Quick inclusion allow to generate traffic to your website. Furthermore we will display your logo in our search engines. We deliver traffic and enforce your brand.


With WEB-SET Ads I found a very simple, easy to use solution, which allows me to get high quality traffic with just few clicks.

Mark Johnson, USA

The Platform is very easy to use. With just few clicks, you can start to create your campaign and get the first potential buyer of your products

Olivia Grosh, Germany

Our values

Easy to use.

Our new Platoform WEB-SET Ads is very easy to use, simple, clear. The interface is designed to start a campaign in few minutes.

Contextual Ads

The contextual Ads can be created in few minutes. Our software will take care about the optimization and the right sector, where to display the Ads

Cost optimization.

Our system does not use expensive Keywords Bidding. The system will show the best ads to the best performing publisher to optimized the cost & revenue.