Customer focus

Support for Advertisers, Publishers and Visitors.

WEB-SET is provider a support for all customers: Advertisers within 24 hours, Publishers within 1 Week, and Visitors within 1 month.


Customer support

Publisher Support within 3 days.

Our Staff with give you an answer withing 3 days for any technical problems you have with our Platform.

24/7 online support

Advertiser Support.

Advertisers will be assigned to a Manager who will assist you to create Ads, publish Campaign or to solve any issue with our system.

Instructions for Visitors

Do you need support for an Ad?

Please contact us with the form if you find wrong information.

If you find Ads or Entry in our WEB-SET Network which are not correct, we kindly ask you to send us a Ticket. We are committed to solve the problem within 7 days.

How to change Information of an Ad?

With our network of Classifieds it may happen, that some information may be not so correct.

If you want to change some imformation of a classified entry, please fill in the form and explain as good as possible, what is wrong. We will make the update within 30 days.

How to delete an Entry in our Search Engines?

Sometimes the entry must be deleted

If you want to delete an entry in our Search Engines, please fill in the form and explain as good as possibile the reason. We will remove the entry within 30 days.