WEB-SET Network

What is WEB-SET Network?

WEB-SET Network is a pool of Portals and Search Engines of WEB-SET.COM.
We have a unique solution based on Flat Fee. Our system calculatse the best fee and delivers the traffic and help to enforce your Brand.

Consulting: +41 (0)58 221 1396

We can guarantee:

- No pay per Click, No click fraud
- Branding with a Flat fee
- over 100'000'000 Impressions per month
- over 1'000'000 of Emails sent monthly (Newsletter)
- Link optimization + SEO
- Target Traffic (depending on country & sector)

How it is working?

Our Quick inclusion allow to generate traffic to your website. Furthermore we will display your logo in our search engines. We deliver traffic and enforce your brand.
Mostly Marketing-companies resell the Ad spaces of suspicious websites with a higher price. With WEB-SET Network we have only 1 professional partner to handle with.
WEB-SET Network: the Alternative to Pay-per-Click

WEB-SET Network

With WEB-SET Network we enforce your Brand, we deliver Link-Building and we generate traffic for your website.

In the following PDF document you find the complete list of portals and search engines.

Example: Branding with Logo